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  1. Inline SVG Icons

    I’ve been using SVG for illustrations in my post for quite some time and wanted to convert all the little icons littered across the site from icon fonts to SVGs. I’ve managed to do this to my satisfaction and thought I should share my methods.

  2. The Indieweb

    It’s been about a year since I ditched Blogger and made a move to my own site. Somewhere between all the python programming and CSS designing (and the physics on the side!), I was introduced to the IndieWeb. And I was hooked…

  3. No comment

    This site does not have a way for readers to post comments under each article. And I plan not to implement a comment section. Instead, now Parallel Transport accepts webmentions, so you can write and publish responses on your own place on the web and link it back to the original article here.

  4. Redux

    This site has been around, in one form or another, since 2006. It started out on GooglePages, then Google Sites, then moved to Blogger and finally a couple of months back I decided to move it to my own domain, along with a complete reworking of the site. That’s the when and here is the why and how of the new Parallel Transport.