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    So there are a bunch of things going on with fragmentions and non-break spaces * fragmention.js replaces all whitespaces by a normal space while searching for text Now while getting a selection using “window.getSelection().toString()” and encoding it with “encodeURI()” browsers seem to do different things (see demo test: ) * Chrome simply encodes non-break space to UTF-8 “%C2%A0”. * Firefox replaces a non-break space with normal space and encodes it to “%20”. Bug filed here: To take this into account, I changed the fragmentioner.js script to simply replace the whitespaces in the selection text with normal spaces before constructing the fragmention URL
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    2017 indieweb commitments * remove the over-zealous fragmention handling in receiving webmentions which assumes the double-hash “##” notation; use whatever URL is received. update marginalia to accept this. * delete the responses container if all responses are marginalia. * remove marginalia.js from notes (since it is useless there), and put only on article permalink pages. * fix responsive images height issue: currently my responsive images don’t know their heights and so cause flow when they load. This interferes with fragmention for instance. * fix hfeed2atom to display response-context in the Atom feed. * develop a mf2-format for a bibliography to represent metadata of scientific papers in HTML+mf2. Use it to get better representation of data on Prior-art: bibtex format, Atom/RSS from, others?
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    this is why HTML is so awesome! “Now consider what happens when that same web browser encounters an element it doesn’t recognise.[…] Once again, the browser displays the text between the opening and closing tags. What’s interesting here is what the browser doesn’t do. The browser does not throw an error. The browser does not stop parsing the HTML at this point, refusing to go any further. Instead, it simply ignores the tags and displays the content within.”